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About Abspad

Abspad is a dream given birth from the love for good and quality motion picture. Basically, Abspad is a platform that provides you with quality news about the day to day happenings in Nollywood and Hollywood and the Flimsphere at large.

Abspad also provide a platform for authors to express their true feelings, unbiased opinions, brilliant idea and reviews, concerning a movie, flick, project in the world of motion pictures.

At Abspad, quantity is not assured but quality is guaranteed.



Adebola Shalom

Adebola Shalom happens to be the guy behind all of Abspad. He is a Computer Science student of Yaba College of Technology, a programmer, creative writer, blogger and a lover of God.

His love for move his not from here, especially quality ones. Abig lover and believer in the Nollywood Movie Industry.

You can reach him on twitter @shalombrain and Instagram @shalombrain.