Movies That Will Rule The Nigerian Cinemas For the Rest of 2017 


Over the past nine months we’ve been treated to lots and lots of movies both locally and internationally.

We’ve had great films that performed just as they we expected, we’ve had those that surprised us and performed more than envisaged and we’ve had the that under performed less than was speculated.

It’s been a great 2017 but we’ve still got over three months to go and these three months are all loaded with cinematic block busters. Some of these movies are still been filmed, others are undergoing post production and some are just quietly waiting, bidding thier set time.

These, Nigeria are the top five movies that will rule the Nigeria cinema scene for the rest of this year, the movies that will keep our cinematic sphere buzzing, cinema houses busy and Twitter trends blazing.

5: The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

One of TIFF’s 2017 movie selection from Nigeria; The Royal Hibiscus Hotel was premiered at the on going Toronto International Film Festival.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel follows the story of a couple facing financial challenges. The husband wants his daughter to sign the contract that will allow him sell thier five stars and The Royal Hibiscus Hotel in order to take care of their debts.

Thier daughter, Opeoluwa a professional chef working in London travels back to Nigeria and coincidentally runs into Deji (the guy who is actually interested in buying are father’s hotel) at the airport.

This romance comedy movie is a production of Ebony life film and with the recent success of Ebony life film with The Wedding Party and Fifty, it’s safe to say nothing can go wrong with The Royal Hibiscus.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel is scheduled for an October 8 Nigeria premiere.

4: Justice League

Justice League is being billed as the biggest entry into the DC Universe since Dawn of Justice last year but many fail to remember the way ‘Gal Gadot’ Wonder Woman swept is off of our feet during the summer.

It’s very possible that Justice League out plays dawn of justice but whether it will be able to do the same to Wonder Woman is yet to be known.

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Either way, Nigerian lovers of DC movies would like not give us a breathing space when the movie premieres later this year in November 17.

3: Wives on Strike: The Revolution
Omoni on set with fellow actress

Last year, Omoni Oboli’s Wives on Strike came into the Nigerian cinemas and started making waves, it was the breath of fresh air a new view of the Nigerian industry one that told us a female lead casts could hold a movie. It was one of a kind since the release of Fifty.

Few weeks ago Omoni announced that a sequel was in works and just few days ago some on set pictures were released on the internet. By the time Wives on Strike: The Revolution comes out playing by December 29, the feminist and non feminist all over the country will troop our in their thousands to see this movie.

I can only imagine the type of publicity Omoni has planned, meet and greet go yà pa.

2: Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel already blessed us with loads of great movies this year, from Doctor Strange to Guardians of the galaxy: Vol 2 to Spiderman: Homecoming, they have been on a roller coaster all year round but still on it they plan to sign out with a big note.

Thor: Ragnarok is being billed as the biggest entry yet into the Thor movie series, one of the few movies left to show before the big dog avengers infinite wars next year. Reports have it that Thor will lay the ground story for a lot of things that will play out in avengers infinite wars.

When the Chris Hemsworth movies rolls out by October 24 trust Nigerians to roll out in our thousands as our love for Hollywood produced movies is at a whole different level.

1: The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai

Last December the Elfike produced movie that had Banky W and Adesua Etomi in lead roles was released into the cinemas. It came in lie like a wrecking ball and shattered all time box office records. A whooping million dollars, the first of it kind in Nollywood.

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There were several reports of people who went to ṣee the movie up to three times, that was the kind of success The Wedding Party enjoyed. Few months ago Mo Abudu announced that a sequel to the relatable romantic comedy movie was in works and this one will be called Destination Dubai.

The Wedding Party destination Dubai focuses on the love story between Nonso Onwuka and Deardre Winston. There’s every possibility that this sequel surpasses its prequel in terms of box office earnings like A trip to Jamaica did to 30 days in Atlanta.

We might just have another million dollar movie on our hands when The Wedding Party: Destination Dubai premieres December 10.

Honourable Mention


Dognnaped is being billed as Nigeria’s first animated comedy film. Starring Julius Agwu as the voice of Bruno, Odunlade Adekola, Tope Tedela, Lota Chukwu, Senator the Comedian, Funnybone, WofaiFada, Comedian Ebiye, Brutus Richard, Paul Utomi, Olive Amaechi, Aisha Sanni-Shittu, Promise Williams and Tunji Centric.

“Dognapped” is a family comedy about the life of an upcoming comedian Andy who forms a relationship with a talking dog Bruno. Join them on their roller-coaster ride as they conquer their fears, battle their enemies, fall in love and rise to fame. And based on logistics, Dognapped that is billed for a September 29th premiere could likely rake a Hundred million + Naaira in in box office earnings.