Review: Fifty Shades Darker 


It’s quite surprising when I got bored a little before the thirty minutes mark on a two hour plus erotic movie. I so wanted this romantic thriller to be great I didn’t want to bash it, not even a little. 
Fifty shades darker is a romantic sub-dom movie focused on the love life of Christian Grey and Anastacia Steel, the sequel to the 2015 valentine blockbuster based on a novel of the same name by El James
I now see why the NFVCB refused to have the movie screened in Nigeria Cinemas but from a different view. Reviews haven’t really being good but I refused to make any comments because I so wanted fifty shades darker to be great. 
The negativity is from both ends, from those who had read the novel and those who hadn’t but relied upon the movie to be carried along. The movie didn’t really make the hype, at least the hype set by its producers and those who had earlier read the novel. 
The movie failed to carry the real juice that made the novel a hit. And from the other end those who had read the novel were expecting far more from what we presented with compared to the novel. 
Christian Grey was his bossy self, which got kind of annoying and boring at times and Anastacia Steel was supposed to be this young naive inquisitive girl but forgot herself at times and seemed to know more than she should. 
Even the sex scenes could not carry the movie, it was only saved by the top notch sound tracks the movie could foster. 
All in all fifty shades darker was a hit not because of its great storytelling but it’s prior success from the novel of the same name. 
For me fifty shades darker is a 4.5 out of 10, would have been a four but I so much didn’t want fifty shades to be a flop. 
I just hope the final and last entry into the trilogy will be better than its prequels.