Logan; the Review


Before March 3rd there was a lot of buzz and fuzz about the premier of one of Marvel’s masterpiece; Logan. It was okay to an extent, my God it was a Marvel studio production staring Hugh Jackman play the legendary Wolverine character Logan.

Then after the premier the buzz I thought was too much skyrocketed. I was handicapped, couldn’t see the movie, I was writing my final exams (yeah am now a graduate).

So I saw the movie this past week and to an extent I agree that the movie just may be was worth the hype.

We’ve all known Logan as the brutal, no nonsense, self healing, metal claws kind of super hero, probably one of the best if you ask the public, only for the opening credits to roll and we see Logan sleeping in a vehicle, working as a driver/chauffeur.

Logan is set in the year 2029, centers around a now age ridden and sick Professor X, Logan who have lost everything and seems to be surviving and not living, then a young girl who is being haunted by a group of machineries for her special mutant powers.

From the start to the finish Hugh Jackman exhibits a rare form of talent in making into reality that which is fiction. It was like he invested himself into the character and you could hardly determine that the scenes unfolding were actually staged.

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From the pure rage involved in his fight with those who were trying to get away with his tyre at the start of the movie, to the expression on his face when he was dying at the end, the emotions were totally real or should I say looked real.

After playing the character for close to 20 years, I would not be wrong to say this is probably the best performance in that role till date.

A story line one can relate with. That of a broken aging and dying superhero who has given on his own existence and lost hopes for the future. He does not even eagerly jump at the suggestion that there might be a newer, young and better him in the young girl but instead dreads it and was probably even jealous of her.



It was totally action packed from the start to the finish, pausing only when need be for essential conversations and characters exhibitions that the movie thrived on.

I’ve never had as much laughs in all the Wolverine series as I did with Logan nor have I seen as much gruesome killings from the claws of the Wolverine as much as I did with Logan.

Logan showed us a different part of wolverine that has been hidden all this while, it showed that behind the beast mode killing machinery he was created into, there still is a small spot in that heart of his that harbours deep feelings like that of any random human.

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The writing was awesome, scene transition on point fight scene Smith, picture at his best and sound not over stressed.

I would give Logan four out of my five stars, it’s a pity that the wolverine character was killed, as much as I would love to see more of Logan I go think what was right for Hugh Jackman, Logan and Marvel Studio was what was done.

It would be interesting to see where Marvel studio heads to with the claw emitting Super hero in Laura in the nearest future.

Another set of X-Men? We can only hope.