Collide; the Review


Of a truth I didn’t get to watch Collide at the cinemas, I had a friend who had a friend who had already downloaded it so I decided to watch it privately with a couple of friends of mine.

I had already made lots of hype about the film. I had read a summary of it’s plot and it screamed action film, action film, and FYI am a sucker for action flicks.

So this evening I decided to watch the movie on my system. The first ten minutes was very very slow, I understood nothing of what they were doing, I watched the opening scenes three different times and saw no future in it.

I slept off trying to make sense out of it. Some twenty minutes later I woke up to the loud jeers of my friends watching the movie, it was the car chase scene on the long run away road that ended up with the Mercedes Benz running into the big trailer.

Sleep cleared from my eyes and I started seeing a silver lining at the end of the movie. I watched it to the end but what kept me through it besides the action scenes and the fight sequence which were a little above average was the here and there comments that were thrown in by my friends.

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At the end of the movie all I could take away was nothing. Collide follows the traditional way most action genre tour, distinguishing it self from none if it’s predecessor. Same old inexperienced guy who has to go against a drug lord who has an empire of bad boys just too safe his girlfriend.

Most action films have a guy fighting an indomitable force either for the cause of his wife, daughter, son, family and few do it for their country. This similar plot does no in anyway make collide standout from others in its genre but makes it a substandard to others as a result of poor storyline.

As in which action flick has it main protagonist having visions of is it illusions of his girlfriend?. I guess the producers of Collide just saw it as an opportunity to cash in on the present lack of action genre in the cinemas which seems to be paying off well for them.

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Because of the one or two action scenes that looked properly rehearsaed, Collide gets two out of my five stars. Probably if a sequel is in work the producers of Collide will make amendments to the plot and scripts and serve us something worth our intellect and not a substandard work of art.